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Who We Are

We believe that better leaders make a better world. Let’s make the world better together.


Our Vision

Mobilizing leaders who mobilize other leaders to transform their world. We identify leaders from all arenas – business, education, church, and community. Together we assist in launching regional transformational initiatives, without caring who gets the credit.

Our Mission

Our primary focus is to develop, equip and challenge leaders to leverage their influence to change their world. We are committed to personal and cultural transformation making better leaders, to make a better world.

Business Brainstorming

Our Commitment

Leader’s Edge is committed to helping people become leaders whom others want to follow through example and effectiveness, by gaining an edge in life and leadership while sustaining excellence.

We believe the best way to change the world is to look at where you can leverage your influence. Influence is the ability to impact one’s thinking and behavior. Leader’s Edge believes that if you influence seven strategic areas, you can bring about change in a community. Society is changed and transformed through all seven streams.

  • Education 

  • Family 

  • Media

  • Entertainment/Sports 

  • Government 

  • Religion 

  • Business 

Your stream of influence is where you are already, and/or where your passion is. To find your stream, look at your passions, motivations, and influences.


“Life and leadership can be challenging and confusing. We want to help you get it right. ”

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Developing leadership through Workshops, Round Tables, Conferences, and Retreats (marriage, life plan, spiritual).



We provide leadership conferences for church leaders that are challenging leaders to leverage their influence to change their world.



We’ve partnered with Anti-Virus Youth Education, a character education and development program designed for students.



In the local community we create conversations about specific principles that lead to self-discovery and personal action steps for growth.

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