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Education is one of the most powerful weapons on earth. We have to pay attention to what we pass on to the next generation. What children are learning today decides what our world will look like tomorrow.

We believe the most important investment one can make is in the next generation, so we promote Activation Youth Education to transfer values, purpose, vision, and meaning to the next generation so they can have the greatest opportunity to reach their full potential.

Activation Youth Education is a non-profit character development program for fourth grade and middle school students nationwide. We focus on how to creatively mentor youth to live a life based on good character.

The Activation Youth curriculum focuses on seven main character traits:

  • Ambition

  • Responsibility

  • Hard Work

  • Emotions

  • Restraint

  • Common Sense

  • Generosity

We aim to continue to develop this by establishing a camp where we strategically develop character and competency in areas of life and leadership so they can be productive citizens and leaders in their communities. 

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