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We exist to maximize personal and leadership development
by utilizing community influence and implementing simple truths and values.

Discover :

It’s challenging to discover the reality. Leaders tend to celebrate the positive and excuse away the negative. Your first step toward your preferable future is knowing where you are today.




A well-designed strategy is a linchpin between what currently is and what could become. The path to your preferable future is paved by a clear, results-oriented strategy. But we can’t stop here.



The team, the department will not rise above it’s leader. We don’t rise to the level of expectations, we fall to the level of training.  Which is why it is so important that you leaders skills are sharpen.  Leaders drive culture which drives behaviors which gets you the results.




The difference between what is today and what could be tomorrow is execution. The goal is not another strategy concept, but innovation turned into strategic implementation. 


My passion is serving leaders who are ready to become better leaders so that we can have a better world. 


Personal Engagement


Quick Description: Most organizations struggle to define reality and the real issues and problems, design strategic solutions, and deliver innovation through implementation. As your strategic leadership partner, I’ll come alongside you and your team as a coach, consultant, friend, and team member. This engagement includes digital coaching sessions and on-site experiences.




Opportunity : Leadership Coaching Partnership


Quick Description: An exceptional coaching partnership should be mutually beneficial. I use the word “partnership” on purpose, as I desire to become more than a strategic coach, but a friend, supporter, and encourager of you and the organization you serve. The Leadership Coaching Partnership includes digital coaching sessions and on-site experiences.



Opportunity : Digital Leadership Coaching


Quick Description: Technology makes it easy for us to remain connected while not in person. As a digital leadership coach, we can meet one or two times a month via Zoom to tackle current leadership challenges, consider strategic innovations, and discuss quality execution.


Opportunity : Group Learning Cohorts


Quick Description: Group learning brings the advantage of multiple voices, experiences, and perspectives. Each cohort consists of 8 – 12 leaders who meet once a month. Group coaching is offered by topic and demand. Current offerings include:* 

  • Leading your board 

  • Leading your organization / Church

  • Developing your leadership skills

Personal Experiences, Sessions, and Workshops
Opportunity 1: One-Day Strategic Planning Intensive


Quick Description: Leaders must consistently evaluate organizational strategy. In an ever-changing world, no plan lasts forever. I designed my One-Day Strategic Planning Intensive to assess the success of your current model and establish a new, practical path forward.

Opportunity 2: Personal Spiritual Transformation 

Fresh voice bring new perspectives.  If your personal life is not healthy, you will be unable to lead a sustainable vision. I am available to coach in your spiritual life, marriage, family and relationships. Helping you to connect with yourself so you can better connect with others.


Opportunity 3: Strategy and Model Evaluation


It isn’t easy to see your organization with fresh eyes. I designed my Strategy and Model Evaluation to help you understand what your church or customers experience on the other side of you.



Opportunity 4: Developing a generous church 
Discipling people means helping them understand that we are called to be faithful stewards of all that God has entrusted us to. Learn what it takes to fund the vision God has given you. 
Onsight Workshops 
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