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Standing Out in the Crowd

The business and work world are a crowded place. There are lots of fish in this ocean, and in order to have the success you desire, you have to find the way to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd. It is possible to distinguish yourself even in a crowded organization or industry. The ways to do it are so common sense, it appears as though there must be something else. But as you may have heard, common sense isn’t actually that common. J Try these out and see who starts to notice you.In random order:

  • Know and fulfill your job responsibility. You might be surprised how unusual this is. There are very specific reasons you were hired.

  • Know and live out the company’s vision, values and strategy. YOU are not to create your own vision, values, and strategy. There is already a path for you to follow.

  • Become a problem solver. Nearly everyone can SEE the problem. If all you do is point out the problems and flaws, you’ll be part of the crowd. If you have ideas for solving the problems, you’ll be a stand-out.

  • Actually, execute the plans, follow-through, and make sure you finish. Actually finishing the whole job as requested will make you in the top 2-3% of your co-workers.

  • Keep yourself encouraged and encourage others. Someone who can keep themselves motivated and encourage and then splash it on others is worth their weight in gold to any company.

  • Be willing to do what others won’t. Few things gain the appreciation of a top leader more quickly than an employee with a whatever-it-takes attitude.

  • Do more than manage - lead! You’re not just doing tasks—you are leading people.

  • Be aware of how your decisions ripple out to other people. You can do something to make life easier for you, yet make life miserable and much more difficult for others.

  • Invest in relationship chemistry. It’s been said, “People won’t go along with you if they can’t get along with you.” True. If your relationships suffer, you will stand out, but not in the way you desire.

  • Speak up. Find your voice. Learn to speak your values with respect, confidence, and courage.

  • Develop a reputation for dependability. The more consistent and dependable you are, the taker you become as a leader.

  • Learn to be resourceful. Figuring how to find the answers to problems especially without just throwing money at it, will always be valued.

  • Be approachable and available. People who are not intimidating and carry a welcoming attitude, a team spirit, become crucial to the team.

  • Do more than you are asked. Go out of the way to do more than the minimum. When you exceed expectations, you will definitely be a stand-out.

  • Help your co-workers whenever possible. You will become known as the go-to person, and people will begin to rely on you. It’s always better to do what needs done proactively. A serving attitude goes a long, long way.

  • Be coachable. You don’t know everything, and a person who teaches you will be anxious to stay on your team as you grow. You will grow better with input.

  • Give yourself a zero-tolerance policy for excuses. Leaders focus on getting the job done and done well, not explaining why it didn’t happen right.

  • Learn from mistakes—yours and others’. Mistakes are not a problem unless you waste them and repeat yourself.

  • Be a team player but be willing to take a risk and rock the boat when needed.

  • Lead from within. When the part of you that people DON’T see is even better than the part the DO see, you can’t help but rise to the top. It will leak out.

You can be a great asset to your company and be a success wherever you go. It is simple, but you have to decide and commit. You can do it.

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