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Respected or Liked?

Would you rather be respected or liked? The truth is you won’t always be liked. The minute you become a leader, people will shoot you down That’s just people. That’s just life. But there are certain things people who are well-respected have in common, and most of the time these actions generally lead to them being liked as well.

See how many of these traits and actions are currently evident in your life.

  • Respected, well-liked people give respect first. Respected leaders know you must show respect before you can earn respect. As the saying goes, people will forget what you said and they’ll forget what you did, but they’ll never forget how you made them feel.

  • They keep their promises. If they tell you they’re going to do something, you know they will do everything they can to deliver on their promises and earn the respect of their people.

  • Respected, well-liked people don’t make it their number-one goal to be liked. They want what is right more than being liked.

  • They are confident and humble. Respected, well-liked leaders illustrate how to be poised and confident while sharing the spotlight with others.

  • They communicate very well. Their words and tone inspire greatness without shaming. They call everyone to change and grow while honoring who they are. Respected, well-liked people communicate with complete honesty in a courteous manner. They can disagree without being disrespectful.They treat everyone with courtesy and kindness; even when criticizing or giving feedback, they’re always considerate and compassionate.

  • Respected, well-liked leaders take time to get to know people. They don’t crowd people by acting like everyone’s best friend. They improve their emotional intelligence every day and develop their social skills to greet people with warmth.

  • Respected, well-liked leaders appreciate and recognize effort and talent and don’t just focus on results and success. They understand the journey and the need for encouragement and appreciation.They are optimistic and realistic. They ask healthy questions without being pessimistic and cynical. They use their expertise and vision to solve problems, and pay attention to the needs of people in the process. They listen and consider many views and then use their expertise to weigh in.

  • They are not ruled by their own preferences. They don’t constantly expect everyone to cater to their personal preferences.

  • They create an environment where it is safe to innovate and change. Change can be scary. But these leaders love diversity and progress.

  • They listen before speaking, ask for help, and admit when they are wrong. The best leaders are typically the best listeners. It’s the insecure leaders who always have to speak first before listening. Respected leaders admit they need help and have no trouble admitting when they are wrong.

  • Respected, well-liked leaders put themselves on the line for their teams. They address unfairness, bullying, chronic complainers, and slackers. They work hard on a team environment.

  • They provide inspiration and balance. They show up fully for themselves and for the team every single day. They are more invested than anyone else, and never expect others to give more than they do.

  • The well-respected leader always leads from within. He or she knows respect is hard to get and it must be earned over time, but it can be lost easily in a minute.

Do you want to be a well-respected and well-liked leader? You can’t control other people’s opinions, but you can always control your own actions. Respect takes time and effort—you won’t automatically be given respect, but you can earn it. It’s worth it.

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