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One Thing Great Leaders Have in Common

We are in a time of great change for our nation, as the reins are being passed from one President to another, and that means the entire world is feeling the winds of change. As Donald J. Trump replaces Barack H. Obama, becoming our 45th Chief Executive, there are many debates, some contentious, about what makes a great leader.Few will ever become leader in a position that attracts the attention of the entire world, but for all of us the opportunities to lead are endless. These opportunities are available to every single person who truly wants to lead AND take on the full responsibility of leadership. Leadership is far more than a position; it is a person’s perspective and actions across the board. There is definitely a price to be paid. It’s not a “one and done” price, either. It is a price that is paid 365 days a year. In every arena, the very best leaders have one thing in common: They have an intense and central desire to make things better, not just different. The best leaders leave an organization or a department better than when they first arrived on the scene, and they pay the price to accomplish it.What is figured into this cost?

  • Hard work. You never coast into greatness solo, let alone when you are leading a team.

  • Continual learning. The world is always changing, and the effective leaders are keeping up with the most pertinent knowledge and best practices.

  • Accountability. Taking responsibility for and being transparent with words and actions builds trust and credibility.

  • Courage. Leadership is not for the timid. Courage is not being without fears or reckless. It is determining the wise course, and then bravely doing it, regardless.

  • Going first. The very idea of leadership says the leader goes first. The leader challenges everyone to follow by his/her willingness to “bravely go where no man has gone before.”

  • Delivering results consistently. A great leader stays with it and makes sure he/she delivers what is promised in a timely fashion.

If you seriously consider that price tag, you will recognize the price is steep to be a great leader. Is it worth it? Absolutely. When you are a great leader, you make a great difference. You leave situations and people better than you found them. The personal growth you experience as a leader, and the satisfaction of knowing you are helping others become more than they ever could be on their own, is a great reward.

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