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Do What You Love and Love What You Do

It seems so simple it doesn’t need to be said, but life is better if you love your work and responsibilities. Only loving what you do will provide sufficient motivation, to do what it takes to make yourself better.Determining to achieve happiness in your life’s workshould be a priority. You spend more hours in an average day at work that anywhere else. If you aren’t happy there, your unhappiness will follow you home and affect the people you love. The individuals who love what they do tend to be happier, more productive, and more satisfied people.Loving your work provides many direct benefits:

• Self-esteem and confidence will be greater. You will feel good about yourself and will be more likely to seek out additional opportunities. Doing something you don’t enjoy doesn’t come naturally for you. You will always feel more confident doing what comes naturally. You will feel more sure and secure about what you’re doing. When what you do is aligned with who you are and what lights you up, you have more potential to perform at your peak.

• You will have a sustainable source of energy. No matter how strong you start, at some point you’re likely to hit a wall. You feel frustrated and stuck. You might even develop health problems because of the stress doing something you dislike. When you love what you do, it energizes you, and the constant drag and friction is gone.

• Your overall health is better. People who do not enjoy their jobs generally have increased blood pressure, headaches, suffer from stress etc. If you enjoy your work you will have a better overall well-being.

• You will be more motivated, pro-active, and persistent. Everyone goes through difficult times in their career, but if you actually enjoy what you do you will be more likely to persevere than give up and quit. You will get ideas more easily and have more constant incentive and the inspiration to keep going and achieve. The chances that you are going to create a great career for yourself without running into trouble along the way are slim to none. If you love what you do you will keep going.

• Your value as an employee will go up. Happy employees are assets to their companies. You will be more productive and enthusiastic than those who are not. You will also inspire other co-workers.

• You will have more earning potential. You are attractive when you love your work. Your upbeat attitude drives deals, gains customers. By being happy you have the ability to drive sales, gain more customers, reach targets, and grow the company. In a well led company, this will lead to a raise and even more benefits.

• Your co-workers and colleagues in the field will have more respect for you. Being a positive person who loves life means people will enjoy being with you and respect your contribution. It spreads and work is overall happier place.

• Home will be a happier place. Instead of coming home stressed and unhappy you will be more energetic and pleasant for your family and friends.

• Your mental health will improve. You always improve your state of mind as loving your work provides meaning and purpose. This is health across the board.

• You will serve others better. Everyone naturally gravitates towards people who love their job and exude interest in others.

• You have more energy to put into success. Doing work you love is energizing. It creates continual circle. You do the work and that energizes you, which in turn means that you have more energy to put into doing the work. When work is a grind, you go home feeling drained and depleted. And you get up and go to work the next day feeling drained and depleted. When you love your work, energy multiplies.

• You enjoy the all of your life more. When people get to the point where their job frustration is high, that frustration spills over into the rest of their lives as well. Your life is not in segments or compartments. It is all interconnected. Your work affects everything.

Money and opportunity for advancement are important in your work. But the most important question is more likely, “What do I love? Where can I do my best and be my best? What ights my fire?” That’s the place that will make all of life better.

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