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Culture: The Importance of Boundaries

The results of not having clear boundaries are many, and will keep you from reaching and keeping high performers.Here are some problems and issues you can have when clear boundaries have not been set by Dr. Henry Cloud:

  • Lack of clarity and direction so that talent can be properly be engaged and focused

  • Confusion in the ranks

  • Toxic culture that demotivates people and stifles their performance because the culture causes their brains to shut down

  • Lack of strong company identity and cohesive culture that leads to high performance

  • Disconnection and fragmentation among the departments or business units

  • Lots of activity but poor results

  • Organizational pessimism and powerlessness

  • Lack of accountability

  • Lack of high performance teams

  • Trust breakdowns

  • Loss of respect and trust in leadership

Bottom line - boundaries are vitally important.

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