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5 Tips To Get Noticed As Leader

You want to make forward progress, and you don’t want to take forever doing it. Are there any guaranteed ways to fast track? To move ahead without simply putting in your time, waiting for someone to finally notice you and decide to give you a shot?

Yes! There certainly are some things that can put you at the head of the class. Try these for starters.

1. Be proactive—take initiative.

Seek out opportunities to lead, to contribute, to learn by helping those who are advanced to you. Ask your current leader to delegate things to you and give you more responsibility. This builds your skill, your reputation, and gets you ready to move into a new position when it presents itself.

2. Specifically and confidently say what you want and what you can contribute.

Dr. Phil is famous for saying that we teach people how to treat us. We also teach people what we are worth and what we want. There is really no reason not to be upfront and honest. Be humble and courageous enough to say what you really want, why you think you would be an asset, and what it means to you to be given the opportunity. You have to believe in what you are worth before others will.

3. Under-Promise and Over-Deliver.

The greatest way to make a lasting positive impression that leads to accelerating your dreams is to exceed expectations regularly. Wow them with doing more than they thought you could, and more than you promised. Make sure that excuses for failing to live up to press do not have to happen. You will attract positive attention, and people will begin to talk about they fact that great things always come from you.

4. Network as often as possible.

Networking often and with the right people is sure to help you advance. Did you know that 70% of jobs are not published at all, but are exchanged through social networking? You need to build relationships that you keep contact with regularly to build their confidence in you, and to maximize the possibility that you will come to mind when a job opening comes. If you are on LinkedIn, contact people there regularly and ask for their insights on how you can have a better opportunity to get a job where they work. Be humble, and confident that they can help you. Thank them for the smallest response, and keep in touch regularly. If someone has a job where you would like to work, don’t hesitate to ask them to look at your resume and cover letter and see how you could improve it.

5. Always do more than required.

Do your specified duties first, of course, but make it clear you are willing to do jobs outside your job description as well. Always do your best to finish on time with better than expected work. Be open and proactive in learning new skills that will help you with your career. Especially if your company offers workshops or skill enhancement opportunities, take them. Show yourself to be hungry.

If you do these things, you will attract attention, and it will all be good.

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