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5 Steps To Placing Your Career On The Fast Track

GET YOUR CAREER ON THE FAST TRACK Every ambitious person is anxious to see his or her career develop and grow. Some times when things are moving slowly, we wonder if we are in the right position, the right place, or if we need to make a major change. Of course that is possible, but before making that significant adjustment, it will likely be wise to take some other steps to maximize your opportunities in your current location. Rory Vaden, bestselling author, speaker and co-founder of Southwestern Consulting, says the first question to ask is, “Have you maximized your potential in the current situation?” If you’re not maximizing your potential where you are, then you can never know if you should leave because you haven’t experienced all that it has to offer. When you commit yourself to give your best and fullest effort, you will be able to discern your next best step. Success isn’t a situation or chained to your circumstances. It’s really about choices. You don’t necessarily need a new position or a new job to make you successful. Simply making new choices may do it. No one can help you like you. Taking personal initiative, being proactive, and making things happen are traits of the best leaders, and also are the ways to the top. Here are some ways to get yourself positioned for a new opportunity.

  • Request More Responsibility. You can offer to help a teammate, assist another department. You can simply tell your boss or supervisor you would like to have more responsibility. You attract the right kind of attention when you do, and your stock rises. You will be seen as a person of value to the organization.

  • Pull Your Own Weight—and MORE. Every business and boss is looking for team players—meaning people who know their importance to the work of the team and make sure to cover their bases and pull their weight. Team players don’t drop balls and expect others to catch them. They cooperate to the job done. When there is a press for time or things aren’t going well, a well-timed “What can I do to help?”, or “I noticed that ________ needs done…I can handle that” shows your understanding of the need to work together and do more than the minimum.

  • Be Consistently Professional. Ask questions. Refuse to complain or blame others. Establish your reputation as a positive, encouraging, and cooperative presence. Be dependable. Be on time and meet your deadlines. Don’t be a clock-watcher. Act and look professional. Pay attention to personal hygiene. Be a problem solver. Come up with at least one possible solution before you take the situation to your boss. Do more than blend in—add your own flavor to your work.

  • Be a Problem-Solver. Never being up a problem without having at least one possible solution you can recommend. Follow up presenting the problem with presenting your possible solution.

  • Improve Your Relationships. Improving your relationships must be intentional. The five closest people to you will determine your level of success. Work well with people and share the credit. Cultivate relationships with the hardworking people who can teach you new skills and perspectives.

If you perform consistently in this way, he chances are, you will eventually be in a position to ask for that promotion or new position. Make sure you have your contributions, a significant achievement or milestone to support your request. Give your boss a reason to promote you! You can do it.

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