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Perform Powerfully

Did you know that you can learn how to manage change instead of letting it manhandle and manage you? You absolutely can. There are many opportunities in times of change, and most people miss them. People resist change, run away from it, react and fear change. A period of change is your opportunity to step up to a mammoth challenge and perform powerfully.Denis Waitley says, “A sign of wisdom and maturity is when you come to terms with the realization that your decisions cause your rewards and consequences. You are responsible for your life, and your ultimate success depends on the choices you make.” That realization is the start of performing powerfully.Leverage the change for your maximum benefit. You do that by deliberately seeking ways to grow during the change, and use the situation to expand your influence.Resisting change keeps you stuck and makes you reactive to the things that happen to you. Embracing change positions you as a proactive leader, and proactive always have the most influence.There are at least 7 Benefits of Performing Powerfully, Embracing Change:

  • Your initiative with attract positive attention.

  • You will attract others who embrace and initiate change. You will attract game-changers.

  • You will build trust and be trusted with increased information about the business and the thought process behind the changes. This will increase your future influence.

  • You will have more input in implementing the change. You will get a voice and be empowered to express opinions that will be heard. When you get involved with making the change happen, you will be given a voice.

  • You will have more input in future changes. Your influence will grow.

  • You will become more valuable.

  • You will be promoted as the whole team recognizes your powerful performance.

People who avoid or resist change never receive these benefits. As already indicated, most people don’t don’t perform well, let alone powerfully, during change. Their energy is spent on resisting and complaining, moaning and groaning.In the midst of change, you can also perform powerfully by being the first to support the leader not only privately, but also publicly. Loyalty publicly leads to influence privately. When you authentically support those responsible for change openly, you will increase your influence with them privately. You build trust.Adaptability and flexibility are core parts of performing powerfully during times of change, An example of this is accepting a temporary or part-time position while waiting for full-time career employment. While not an ideal scenario, this flexibility can open the door to opportunity you really desire. Being flexible is also about being versatile within your job. In today’s economy, employees must adapt to accomplish more with less, and work quickly through it all. The employees who perform powerfully are willing to adapt their work styles in new ways and with positive attitudes.To perform powerfully, you must learn to adapt your communication style in order to suit individual preferences. Some people dislike talking on the phone while others prefer face-to-face communication. Adapting to these differences will make your co-workers feel like you value them, thus upping your performance.It is also important to maintain a positive attitude through changes. When an employee says, “That’s not part of my job description,” or “I’m unwilling to change my schedule”, they hurt themselves. Agreeing to change likely requires extra time and energy, but approaching challenges with fearlessness, drive, and sacrifice will make you an asset to your company or organization quickly.Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. (George Bernard Shaw) Businesses and individuals thrive when they embrace change and perform powerfully. There IS a change in your future, whether you want it or not. Determine now to take think positively so you can behave to match your thoughts. Change and reshuffling at work may feel like a personal attack even when it is not targeted at you. Questioning your worth is normal during change. But you are responsible to think positively and perform powerfully. Work to keep your self-confidence high. Learn new skills, and find ways to uniquely contribute. See yourself as in charge of your life and decisions – you will perform powerfully into a great place in life.

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